This is N'Oye with the camp's one axe. It is shared among thirty people. We bought them another one. But the significance of this is that the axe is used to chop wood, dig out honey bee hives, collect branches for digging sticks, bows and arrows; and many other things. The same principal of sharing applies to the few knives I saw, as well as pots and pans, clothing,  jewelry; and all goods except perhaps the men's bows and arrows.

The Hadzabe have very few possessions, which is practical in light of how nomadic they are (moving an average of six times a year). But there is no need to hoard or steal, and they place their value upon their relationships. They are rarely alone, except when it is necessary for hunting, and typically do everything together. Everyone is included.

Let N'Oye explain: Listen for the click in their language (and his name)

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