These photos and videos were produced for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation:  https://jimmynelsonfoundation.com/projects/the-hadzabe. I was part of a team of four photographers who spent four full days with a group of Hadzabe men, women and children. We witnessed and participated in their daily activities, and they were actively involved in our project. They wanted to see their culture portrayed accurately and positively so the outside world could understand their desire to continue to live in the bush as they have done for centuries.

The mission of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is to document indigenous cultures around the world, preserving them before globilization swallows them up, much like Edward Curtis did with the American Indians in the early 20th Century. They have produced two coffee table books (available on Amazon.com), and had numerous exhibits around the world.

They were a perfect fit for me, as I have had a personal project for decades called 1Planet1People.org. 

We were also sponsored by Explore Tanzania, and Nikon. The latter provided us with two instamatic cameras which the children of the tribe used to take photos of their own.

Without any prompting from us, one boy discovered the "selfie".

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